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About Me

A non-binary actor raised in Alaska, Tara has always had a passion for acting.  They began acting in local theatre productions from a young age but always knew that Film was their passion.  Tara  moved to Los Angeles at the age of 20 to begin the pursuit of a film career and became a member of SAG/AFTRA at age 22.   After spending some time in LA and then Oregon, they now call Burbank, CA their permanent home and have a professional sound booth and recording set-up with Source Connect for voiceover work.

Tara is also a huge advocate of inclusion in casting for films and TV.  A few years ago Tara was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis which caused total loss of hair.  They were devastated to see that their on-camera auditions and opportunities were drastically cut after this happened.  While Tara has a thriving voiceover career, they also strive to bring light to more inclusionary casting practices including people of all types of physical appearance such as gender, sexual identity, ethnic origins, weight, disabilities and other types of unique physical appearances.

While acting is very much Tara's passion in life, there are other activities they enjoy. Tara has a Black Belt in TaeKwonDo and enjoys sparring and competing in tournaments. Tara is trained in a number of weapons including hand guns, swords and knives. Other sports they enjoy and considers themself fairly proficient in are Volleyball, Archery (Recurve or Compound bow) Horseback Riding (English and Western), Soccer, Yoga, Pole dancing, Hiking, Biking and In-line Skating. Tara is also currently learning to play the electric guitar. 

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Resume Highlights ONLY  (click button above to download full resume)

Exorcism: The Fallen | Dir. Garrett Benach

Lead Actor​

Spunks Not Dead (The Babysitter) | Dir. Jeremy Garner

Lead Actor

Vicious | Dir. Jason Rosenblatt

Supporting Actor


 Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide| Nickelodeon

Guest Appearance


See voiceover page for demos and more information or download full voiceover resume above


 Diary of a Catholic School Dropout | The Avery Schreiber Theatre

Lead Actor​

A Midsummer Night's Dream | The Whitmore-Lindley Theatre


The Little Magic Snowman | AK Theatre for Young People

Lead Actor


OnPoint Community Credit Union



Jewelry Store Owner

Training &

Animation VO Acting | Donna Grillo

Commercial Voiceover | Tina Morasco

Commercial Acting and Auditioning | Amy Lyndon

Voice and Movement | Lynne Van Dam

Special Skills

Athletic Skills: TaeKwonDo (Black Belt), Kickboxing, Weapons Training (firearms, archery, sword, staff), Volleyball, Pole Dancing, Hiking,

Professional Skills: Nursing, Medical Laboratory, Medical Terminology

Languages: Conversational French, Beginner ASL

Accents: American Regional (Southern, Jersey), British, Russian, Scottish

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